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Daniela Abbott
Town Council
Daniela Abbott

My family and I have lived in Portsmouth since 2010.  Brendan and I have been married for 13 years and have two beautiful kids, Bianca (10) and Myles (8), both attending Portsmouth public schools.  We love living in Portsmouth and are committed to the well-being of our community.

A little bit more about me:

  • BS in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering from Webb Institute

  • MSc in Maritime Engineering Science from University of Southampton

  • Project Manager for Foth Infrastructure & Environment in Marion, MA

  • Licensed Professional Engineer

  • Girl Scout troop leader in Portsmouth

  • Member of the Portsmouth Democratic Town Committee

  • Co-founder of the Portsmouth Trash Collaborative

  • Community organizer of inaugural Portsmouth Farm-to-Farm Bike Ride

  • Co-chair of RI Healthcare Access & Affordability Partnership

  • Born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • Fluent in Portuguese, conversant in Spanish

I am running so I can continue to represent the residents of Portsmouth on our Town Council.  I promise to serve our beautiful town with transparency, honesty, and integrity.  I look forward to representing all of our residents fairly and working hard to address the needs and concerns of our entire community.


I will be a thoughtful, reasonable, and prudent advocate for our town.  With your support, I want to help lead the way to ensuring Portsmouth continues to be a wonderful place to live, learn, work, and play for generations to come.



Municipal infrastructure is an ongoing issue for any municipality.  As the needs of our town evolve over time, so do the demands on our infrastructure.  Maintaining, improving, and expanding our municipal infrastructure is critical to the quality of life of our residents, and should be valued as an investment in the future of our town. I will work to ensure our significant investments in Portsmouth’s infrastructure is properly maintained and fits the needs of all Portsmouth's residents.



I believe that to build a resilient town that will thrive in this 21st century economy, we need a meaningful business base that participates in and contributes to our local community.  We need businesses that serve the needs and interests of our residents and have a positive impact on our quality of life. I believe it is the responsibility of our Town Council to create a welcoming environment for businesses to grow and I pledge to work towards that goal.


Educating our children is the best investment we can make in the future of our community.  Strong schools and good education are the most effective way to create a community that is prepared for the future and well-equipped to thrive during good times, or work together when challenges arise.  Our priority must be to ensure Portsmouth schools remain at the front of the pack in Rhode Island's educational system. I believe that great public schools help lift the entire community.


As a coastal community and the Rhode Island municipality with the second longest coastline, we have a responsibility to do our part to minimize our environmental impacts and help improve the quality of water in Narragansett Bay.  Our community can continue to take meaningful steps toward better environmental stewardship and increase awareness through education. Maintaining and improving access to our natural environment helps residents value the resources we are so fortunate to have in our town. I will be a dedicated steward of our natural resources.



In acknowledging the environmental issues facing our world today, it is important to understand, discuss, and consider the potential threat of sea level rise to our community.  We must take steps to mitigate and prepare for any potential impacts on our town’s infrastructure, so as to minimize the devastating economic impact the natural world can have on our community.  Our preparations should include proactive measures as well emergency preparedness and “day after” plans, so our community can work together to overcome any challenge. As a member of the Town Council, I will make sure that Portsmouth is prepared to face these challenges.




Community engagement is the key to a vibrant and prosperous town. This engagement can come in many forms -- participation in town government, community events, holiday celebrations, town parades and ceremonies, shared spaces like a library, park, or beach, and even as simple as a community calendar.  I will always engage with the community and listen attentively to the residents of our beautiful town.

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