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  1. Ensure fair and transparent decision-making that is based on a thorough understanding of relevant facts, law and policy goals;

  2. Protect the health and safety of our citizens by supporting the personnel and infrastructure necessary to provide essential public services;

  3. Develop fiscally and socially responsible budgets to control taxes while protecting the quality of life in Portsmouth;

  4. Support our excellent public school system – a cornerstone of a strong economy and American democracy;

  5. Protect our environment: natural resources, shoreline and open spaces;

  6. Improve management and utilization of town-owned properties and facilities;

  7. Promote smart-growth economic policies that support local businesses while also protecting residential neighborhoods;

  8. Identify and address veterans’ and senior citizens’ needs;

  9. Respect and encourage community volunteerism; and

  10. Effectively represent the interests of local citizens and businesses in dealings with the state and federal government (e.g., RI DEM, RI DOT, RI CRMC, US EPA, Navy, etc.)



Portsmouth Democrats will:

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