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1.      Ensure fair, transparent decision-making based on understanding of relevant facts, law and policy goals;

2.      Protect the health and safety of our citizens by supporting essential    public services, especially  during  the COVID-19 pandemic;

3.      Work toward “green and complete streets” that prioritize the safety of all users, regardless of mode of  transportation or physical ability, while also helping to protect our environment;

4.      Develop fiscally and socially responsible budgets to control taxes while protecting quality of life in Portsmouth;

5.      Support our excellent public school system – a cornerstone of a strong economy and American democracy;

6.      Increase climate change resiliency and protect our natural resources, shoreline and open spaces;

7.      Improve management and utilization of town-owned properties and facilities;

8.      Promote smart-growth economic policies that support local            businesses  and protect residential neighborhoods;

9.      Identify and address veterans’ and senior citizens’ needs; and

10.     Effectively represent local citizens and businesses in dealings with the state and federal government.



Portsmouth Democrats will: