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  • undertaking a complete and professional analysis of all our town properties

  • creating rolling 5-year capital improvement plans

  • improving Town financial reporting - resulting in multiple accolades 

  • implementing zero-based budgeting that requires all departments to start with a zero budget and annually justify all funding requests

  • adopting a Hazard Mitigation Plan that addresses how to prepare for and respond to natural disasters

  • appointing a Charter Review Committee and putting proposed changes on the Nov. 2020 ballot

  • holding an annual public meeting to determine the Town Administrator’s priorities (see memo)

  • working with the state to undertake a safety audit of East Main Road and with Portsmouth police to implement more aggressive speed control measures

  • hiring an outstanding Emergency Management Agency Director and winning a $339,000 grant from the RI Infrastructure Bank for required climate change resiliency work – e.g., flooding at an egress from Common Fence Point

  • hiring a full-time Parks & Recreation Director and expanding program offerings

  • fostering a local agricultural business (a brewery)

  • partnering with community groups that provide essential services to all residents, including the library and senior center

  • regulating short-term rentals

  • working with the School Committee and staff to facilitate school safety and capital improvements and vacancy appointment process (see memo)

  • meeting with state legislators to establish town legislative priorities (see memo)

  • managing the COVID-19 pandemic emergencies by setting up vacination clinics, while continuing to focus on helping our most vulnerable citizens - e.g., establishing new procedures for operating town properties,  organizing and running a food bank, helping local businesses, etc.

  • partnering with Church Community Housing to build a new senior center and about 54 units of senior housing

  • supporting Quaker Manor affordable housing

  • securing $500,000 and as much as $22 million over time from Southcoast Wind for work in Portsmouth that could have proceded without town approval and without the town getting any compensation



Portsmouth Democrats have created a town government that provides excellent public services and schools while also controlling taxes. Some of the tasks accomplished by Democrats include:
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